Drives manufactured by Allen Bradley

30 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 N-3412-2-H00AA Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Servo Motor 230 V ac 300 mA 6000 rpm 12 lbin In stock
2 1398-DDM-009X Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Universal Drive, 100 to 240 V ac, 9 A In stock
3 20G1ABC540JN4NNNNN Allen Bradley POWERFLEX 755 AC PACKAGED DRIVE Available
4 1336S-BRF30-AA-EN4-HA2-L6 Allen Bradley DRIVE, 460VAC, 5HP Enquire
5 1336SB015ANEN3ID Allen Bradley DRIVE, AC, 15HP, 460V, 3-PHASE, 25AMP, 50/60HZ Enquire
6 8000 IOBBZ Allen Bradley I/O MODULE 24VDC DRIVER DIGITAL Enquire
7 1336S-BRF07-AA-EN4-L6-HA2 Allen Bradley Drive 0.75Hp Enquire
8 1336S-BRF50-AN-EN4 Allen Bradley DRIVE 5HP 380-480VAC OPEN Enquire
9 1392-A150-RE-MC-B-F2-H Allen Bradley Series B High Performance Drive Enquire
10 1361-NO65-2 Allen Bradley Series B Bulletin 1361 Drive Enquire
11 1336F-BRF200-AA-EN-HASP-L6 Allen Bradley HP PLUS II DRIVE Enquire
12 20AD011F3AYNAEC0 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 70 AC Drive 11 A at 7.5 Hp 20A Enquire
13 1336S-B030-AN-EN5-GM1-L6 Allen Bradley Series D Drive Unit, 30Hp, 460V Enquire
14 1336S-BRF50-AN-EN4-L6 Allen Bradley SERIES D DRIVE CONSTANT TORQUE Enquire
15 1336S-B015-AN-EN3 Allen Bradley DRIVE 15HP 25AMP 3PH 380-480VAC 50/60HZ OPEN Enquire
16 1336S-BRF50-AA-FR-HA1-L6 Allen Bradley Ser.A Variable Speed Drive Enquire
17 20G11JF710JN4NNNNN Allen Bradley POWERFLEX 755 AC PACKAGED DRIVE Available
18 20A C 015 A 0 AYNANCO Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, AC Drive, 3 Phase, 15.4 A, 400 V ac, 7.5 kW, IP20, 185 x 179.8 x 300 mm Enquire
19 20G1AJC650JN4NNNNN Allen Bradley POWERFLEX 755 AC PACKAGED DRIVE Available
20 1336-SCR-SP15A Allen Bradley Available
21 1336-QOUT-SP13A Allen Bradley TRANSISTOR MODULE 1336STG 230V 50HP 460V 100HP Enquire
22 1336-FAN-SP2A Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Fan Available
23 284G-FVD6P0D-25-RRG-CBG-DB1-EMI Allen Bradley Series C Drive Available
24 20G11ND2P1AA0NNNNN Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, AC Drive, 3 Phase, 2.1 A, 480 V ac/650 V dc, 1 hp, IP20/IP00, 134.5 x 212 x 424.2 mm Available
25 20DJ500N0ENNBNANE Allen Bradley POWERFLEW 700S AC DRIVE 500 A 450 HP 20D Enquire

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