Would you recognise a counterfeit problem? #thecounterfeittrap

counterfeit parts are causing manufacturers billions in lost revenue every year!

you may not see the difference but you’ll feel it!

you may not see the difference but you’ll feel it!

counterfeit parts are causing manufacturers billions in lost revenue every year!

Would you recognise a counterfeit problem?

you may not see the
difference but you’ll feel it!

Would you recognise a counterfeit problem?

The heightened safety and financial implications should be enough to put the industry-wide problem of counterfeit automation parts on everyone’s radar. However, it’s not often a topic that is widely discussed.

At EU Automation, our rigorous vetting, inspection and testing process - paired with our sturdy 12-month warranty - aims to eliminate counterfeit components before they reach the customer.

Our process for eradicating counterfeit components

1. Supplier Relations

We conduct an in-depth assessment of all new suppliers regarding their strategy to mitigate counterfeit parts. Vetting every element of their procedures to ensure compliance with EU Automation standards.

2. Physical and Visual Inspections

A comprehensive physical and visual check of all parts takes place to ensure that our trained warehouse teams are convinced of the legitimacy of the part. Should a part fail to pass the inspection stage, then a full investigation will be triggered. The customer will be kept fully informed of this process and new arrangements shall be swiftly made to fulfil the customer's order.

3. Post Receipt of Goods Stage

Should a part still reach the customer which they suspect to be counterfeit, they are advised to contact their dedicated customer support executive immediately. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure the customer receives their part(s) or a refund as soon as possible and any part(s) identified as counterfeit shall be flagged up within our internal systems, once again triggering a full investigation.



If you suspect that the part you have received could in any way be a counterfeit, in the first instance; please contact your dedicated customer support executive. They will carefully lead you through the next steps and ensure that your needs are met in whatever manner suits your situation best.

EU Automation is determined to raise awareness on an issue that affects the vast majority of the manufacturing industry across the globe. We provide clear guidelines and vetting measures to our own supply chain, in order to identify unoriginal parts at the earliest opportunity. We’re also provide our customers with a valid 12-month warranty alongside each purchase to provide extra peace of mind.

To read our full anti-counterfeiting policy, click here

Counterfeiting causes the manufacturing industry a landslide of problems each year, with financial losses amounting to billions of dollars in the United States alone. The unknown purchase of counterfeit parts can result in broken machinery and early breakdowns, thus creating unnecessary downtime for manufacturers.

However, these issues can be largely limited by purchasing from an established and credible supplier. Therefore, you should always read and understand a company’s anti-counterfeiting policy before you make any purchase.

Always make sure you purchase from a company that has the necessary policies and procedures in place to minimise the risk of counterfeit products entering their supply chain. Make sure you fully understand these policies and are provided with the relevant warranties that will safeguard your purchase. Read EU Automation’s policies here > Warranties, Anti-Counterfeiting

A counterfeit is anything that has not been produced by the original manufacturer yet is sold under the pretence of being so. Therefore, we can assume that any automation part can be counterfeited. Hence the need for continued vigilance around the purchase of parts.

Our Warranty

We offer a full 12-month warranty on all reconditioned, service exchange and new parts. So, if you have any problems within 12 months from the date of delivery then please contact our Customer Relationship Team who will be happy to help.

Read more about our warranty

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