9875 parts found, limited to 5000

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
4951 HLC01.1C-02M4-A-007-NNNN Indramat Enquire
4952 TVM2.4-050-220/300-W1-220-300 Indramat INDRAMAT POWER SUPPLY Available
4953 DDC01.1-K150A-D Indramat Enquire
4954 DDC01.1-K200A-D Indramat Enquire
4955 MHD041B-144-PP0-UN Indramat Indramat, Synchronous Motor, 170 V ac, 4500 rpm, 1.5 Nm, 273 mm (Length) Enquire
4956 RAC 2.3 200-380-A01-Z1 Indramat Enquire
4957 MHD115B-024-PP1-RA Indramat Enquire
4958 MHD115B-024-PP1-AA Indramat Indramat, Synchronous Servo Motor, 20.4 kW, 360 V, 61.4 A, 95 Nm, 38 mm, 40 kg, 192 x 192 x 420 mm Enquire
4959 MOD 1/1X140-047 Indramat Enquire
4960 MOD 1/1X165-001 Indramat Enquire
4961 MOD 1/1X165-002 Indramat Enquire
4962 MOD 2/1X014-011 Indramat Enquire
4963 MOD 2/1X015-022 Indramat Enquire
4964 MOD 2/1X227-031 Indramat Enquire
4965 MSK 070D-0300-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN Indramat Indramat, Servo Motor Enquire
4966 MHD071B-035-NP0-UN Indramat Indramat, Servo Motor Enquire
4967 MHD093C–035–PGO–AA Indramat Indramat, Servo Motor Enquire
4968 MHD093C-035-NG1-AN Indramat Indramat, Synchronous Motor, 360 V ac, 2500 rpm, 37.2 Nm, 454 mm (Length) Enquire
4969 RAC3.1-150-460-A0I-Z1-220 Indramat Indramat, Servo Spindle Drive, 460V ac, 150A Enquire
4970 DKC10.3-012-3-MGP-01V Indramat Enquire
4971 DKC02.3-012-3-MGP Indramat Enquire
4972 MKD115C-024-KG1-AA Indramat Enquire
4973 MAC063B0-JS4-C/095-B-1/WI515LV Indramat Enquire
4974 MAC063B0-JS4-C/095-B-1/WI515LV/S001 Indramat Enquire
4975 MAC025A-0-WS-4-E/040-B-0/WI652LX Indramat Indramat, Servo Motor Enquire

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