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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 650V/022/400/F/00/DISPR/UK/RS0/0 SSD Drives SSD 2.2kw Inverter In stock
2 605/015/400/3/F/F/0110/UK/000 SSD Drives SSD 4.5A 380V AC Inverter Enquire
3 650/075/400/F/00/DISP/UK/0/0 SSD Drives SSD AC Drive 650 16A 7.5KW Enquire
4 650/075/400/F/00/DISP/GR/0/0 SSD Drives AC Drive 650 16A 7.5KW Enquire
5 650/030/400/F/01/DISP/UK/0/0 SSD Drives SSD Drive 650 Series 3kw Enquire
6 650/015/400/01 SSD Drives 650 series inverter- 4.5A Enquire
7 637/D6R 04-7-CAB-X7 SSD Drives Servo Controller Enquire
8 635 / K DER 03 SSD Drives Digital Drive Unit. Enquire
9 605/022/230/1/F0110/UK/000 SSD Drives SSD 605 Series Single Phase 240V 2.2KW Inverter Enquire
10 650V/011/230/F/00/DISPR/UK/RS0/0 SSD Drives SSD 650 Series 1.1Kw Inverter Enquire
11 605-082-13-52-00 SSD Drives SSD 605 Power Controller Enquire
12 5944500-74 SSD Drives 590 Series Drive Enquire
13 590/1800/5/1/3/2/0/0/180/220/042/19 SSD Drives SSD 590 180amp DC drive Enquire
14 584SV/2000/400/0011/GR/000/00/230/0 SSD Drives Eurotherm / SSD 584SV inverter Enquire
15 5831/1500/2/00/00 SSD Drives 1.5Kw Inverter. Enquire
16 582/750/3/1 SSD Drives 220v 4a Inverter Enquire
17 560/05/10 SSD Drives 220V DRIVE Enquire
18 5575/1/0/0/00 SSD Drives SSD RANGER Enquire
19 546B-0350-6-2-4-010-1000-0-00 SSD Drives SSD DC Drive Enquire
20 650V/030/400/F/00/DISPR/UK/RS0/0 SSD Drives SSD 650V 3kw inverter Enquire
21 650VC/0110/400/0011/UK/0/0/B0/0/0 SSD Drives 11KW DRIVE Enquire
22 690PB/0007/230/1/F/0011/UK/0/0/0/0/ SSD Drives INVERTER Enquire
23 690PB/0015/400/3/F/0011/UK SSD Drives 4.5A THREE PHASE INVERTER Enquire
24 690PB/0040/400/3/F/0010/UK/0/0/0/0 SSD Drives SSD AC Integrator 690+ Series Enquire
25 690PB/0040/400/3/F/0010/UK/0/0/0/0/0 SSD Drives SSD Drive, 4.0kw, supply 380-460 vac, no keypad with Integral EMC filter, dynamic brake option Enquire

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