Safety Automation manufactured by Sick

104 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 FGSE1500-21 Sick Sick, Beam Sensor Receiver, 24 V In stock
2 LCUX1-400 Sick SICK AG LCUX1-400 Safety Interface Module In stock
3 PLS 101-312 Sick Sick, Proximity Laser Scanner, PLS101 Series, 50 m, 180°, 40 ms In stock
4 WT34-B410 Sick Sick, Proximity Sensor, W34 Series, 10 to 30 V dc, 100 mA27 x 70 x 92 mm In stock
5 UE48-20S2D2 Sick Sick, UE48 Series, Safety Relay, 24 V ac/dc, 2NO In stock
6 LGTN101-511 Sick Sick, Light Curtain Control Unit, for Safety Controllers, 24 V dc In stock
7 S30A-7011BA Sick Sick, Safety Laser Scanner, S30A Series, 49 m, 190°, 60 ms In stock
8 FGSS600-21 Sick Baldor, Foot Mount Filter, 230 V ac In stock
9 S30A-7111CP Sick Safety laser scanners S3000 PROFINET IO Advanced In stock
10 WL27 2R630 Sick Sick Photoelectric Sensor In stock
11 C40E-1803AH030 Sick Light curtain In stock
12 C40S-1803AA030 Sick light guard In stock
13 LGTN101-311 Sick Sick, Control Unit Enclosure In stock
14 MSLE02-25051A Sick Sick Light Guard In stock
15 OTD2-1312 Sick Sick Optotrap Scanner In stock
16 WL36-R230 Sick Sick Light Guard In stock
17 FGS-S-1350-21 Sick In stock
18 WL12G-3B2531 Sick Sick, WL12G Series, Photoelectric Retro-Reflective Sensor, Rectangular, PNP & NPN Output Type, LED In stock
19 NT6-03018 Sick Sick, Photoelectric Contrast Sensor, <80 mA, 10 to 30 V dc, 4 Pin Male Connector M12, 80 x 64 x 30.4 mm In stock
21 S30A-6111CL Sick Safety laser scanners S3000 PROFINET IO Advanced In stock
22 FGSS1500-11 + FGSE1500-11 Sick 1500mm SICK light curtain In stock
23 4008809 Sick Light Guard Control Card Enquire
24 AGSS 750-1111/AGSE 750-1211 Sick Light Guards Enquire
25 AWS1-131 Sick Sick, Relay Switching Module 24 V dc, 15 mm Enquire

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