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Oil & Gas



In recent years, decreasing oil and gas supplies have been pushing the offshore industry deeper underwater and further offshore. Similarly, nearly 60 per cent of world oil production is located in areas of high geopolitical risk, like the Middle East and Africa. As a result, offshore and subsea exploration companies are constantly faced with uncertainties and the need to identify innovative industry solutions.

Automation plays an essential part in offshore oil and gas drilling, particularly in power generation, transmission, distribution and management. Drive solutions for drilling and winch applications represent another important automated area, as do motor control centres with intelligent starting solutions. Finally, risk management and safety are also crucial aspects for any offshore company where automation plays a significant role.

EU Automation understands how important the ability to adapt to inhospitable environments is for offshore companies. What’s more, this skill needs to be correlated with a continuous increase in production and uptime optimisation.

Our industry knowledge and experience makes us as the right provider of spare automation parts for offshore facilities. We make sure you receive the part you need in record time, to minimise downtime as much as possible.

Key products

  • Advanced process control solutions
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Soft starters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Drives
  • Power and energy management solutions
  • Oil and gas measurement equipment
  • Analysers
  • Safety software and instrumentation solutions

For more information on the services we provide, please contact a member of our sales team on +44 1785 785100 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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