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Schneider 通用自动化的Modbus and Modbus Plus范围

33 个零件

件号 制造商 描述 库存
1 416NHM30030A Schneider Schneider, 416NHM Series, 5 V 有现货
2 990NAD23010 Schneider Mitsubishi, Transmitter Receiver Module 有现货
3 490NRP25400 Schneider Schneider, Fiber Optic Repeater 有现货
4 990NAD23020 Schneider MB+ Super Tap, screw terminal MB+ Tap with RJ45 Prog. Port, DIN Rail Mount 有现货
5 NW-BM85S485 Schneider Schneider, MODBUS Programmable Bridge Module, 115 to 220 V ac/24 V dc 有现货
6 990NAA21510 Schneider MB+ Rugged Tap Programming Cable 有现货
7 490NRP25300 Schneider MB+ Fiber Optic Repeater, Point-to-point 有现货
8 AS-W978-006 Schneider 984/MBUS MODEM CBL ASSY 6FT 查询
9 990NAD23021 Schneider MB+ Super Tap, screw terminal MB+ Tap with RJ45 Prog. Port, Panel Mount 查询
10 990NAD23022 Schneider MB+ Super Tap Quick Terminator (set of 2) 有货
11 990NAD23023 Schneider MB+ RJ45 Port Protector (set of 4 spares) 查询
12 AS-W955-012 Schneider IBM PC/XT Cable for 984-x8x's, 3.6m 查询
13 AS-W955-025 Schneider IBM PC/XT Cable for 984-x8x's, 7.5m 查询
14 AS-W956-012 Schneider IBM PC/AT Cable for 984-x8x's, 3.6m 查询
15 AS-W956-025 Schneider IBM PC/AT Cable for 984-x8x's, 7.5m 查询
16 990NAD23012 Schneider MB+ Rugged Tap DIN rail mounting kit 有货
17 NW-BM85S232 Schneider Modbus Plus Bridge Mux (Prog. RS232) 查询
18 NW-BM85Y422 Schneider Modbus Plus Bridge Sy/Max Multiplexer 查询
19 SW-LNET-SDK Schneider Software Developers Kit: provides connectivity to Modbus, Modbus Plus, and Ethernet networks from other 32-bit C/C++ applications. - Supports NETLIB and MBXAPI interface specifications - Compatible with all MBX driver products - Supports Data Master/Slave, Program Master/Slave, Global Data, and Peer Cop communications. - Takes full advantage of multi-threaded features of the 32-bit Windows - Includes documentation and sample code - Qualified for Windows 98, NT4, 2000, XP 查询
20 SW-LNET-SDU Schneider Modbus Plus System Developers Kit Update, for WinXP (available to customers who have purchased earlier versions of SW-LNET-SDK 查询
21 490NAA27101LS Schneider MB+ Cable, Low Smoke Jacketed Reel, 30.5m 查询
22 990NAD23011 Schneider MB+ Rugged Tap Terminator Kit 有货
23 174CEV20040 Schneider Schneider, Router, 174CEV Series, 110 V ac, 220 V ac1 A 查询
24 990NAD21930 Schneider MB+ Drop Cable, 6m (20'), right hand 查询
25 990NAD21910 Schneider MB+ Drop Cable, 2.4m (8'), right hand 有货


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