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As we approach the end of the transition period on the 31st December 2020, I wanted to provide our customers with an update on EU Automation’s plans for when the UK leaves the European Union. 

Here at EU Automation we have always considered ourselves a truly global organisation. We are proud to have supplied over 1 million parts to over 40,000 customers in 156 countries worldwide. 

Shortly following the UK Referendum in 2016, EU Automation began preparing our operations to ensure that there would be no disruption to our services to our customers from within the EU. 

As a result of these preparations, in December 2018 EU Automation opened the doors to a new European Distribution Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. This 28,000 square foot facility compliments our existing locations in the UK, Chicago and Singapore. 

In order to continue to provide our high standards of service to our customers within the European Union, all European orders will be invoiced through EU Automation GMBH and fulfilled via our Frankfurt location. 

EU Automation will always be committed to upholding our values of reliability and speed to ensure that we always continue to support our customers in achieving their objectives.

Whilst we understand the inevitable concerns surrounding the uncertainty of Brexit, I wanted to reassure you that for EU Automation, it is business as usual.

If you do have any further questions about EU Automation’s operations or plans for the future, please do get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Halford
Managing Director – EU Automation Group

What's Changing?

EU Automation – change of entity servicing Europe (excluding the United Kingdom), Middle East and Africa.

Starting in November 2020, the EU Automation Group will begin trading through its German Headquarters 'EU Automation GmbH' with customers in Europe (excluding the UK), the Middle East and Africa.

This means from 2nd November 2020; all new purchase orders from your company will need to be addressed to EU Automation GmbH rather than European Automation Limited.

Enquiries quoted before this date will be processed and invoiced by European Automation Limited to allow existing purchase orders to flow through your systems under the original company.

Your account terms will remain unchanged and you will continue to work with the same people. The only change is that you will transact with our German Headquarters instead of our UK company.

Here are the details of EU Automation GmbH so you can add the company to your systems as a new supplier:

Legal Company Name: EU Automation GmbH
Company Address: Hessenring 15 K, 64546 Mörfelden Walldorf, Deutschland

VAT: DE 317 9889 05

Bank Details (for Euro Payments):
Bank Name: HSBC Trinkaus and Burkhardt
Bank Account Number (€ Account): 1/4741/003
IBAN (€ Account): DE12300308800014741003

We also accept payments in GBP and USD, our bank details will be included on your invoices if we trade with you in these currencies.


Does anything change in relation to doing business with EU Automation at the end of the Brexit transition period in December?

EU Automation has put all relevant measures in place to ensure smooth and frictionless service to our customers. Therefore, come December 2020 and onwards, it is business as usual.

Our European customers will have all orders, processed, fulfilled, and invoiced through our European facility. Located in Frankfurt Germany.

Our European customers are kindly asked to update our company details on their system to incorporate our ‘GMBH’ facility in relation to setting up Purchase Orders.

Company Name: EU Automation GmbH
Company Address: Hessenring 15 K, 64546 Mörfelden Walldorf, Deutschland

VAT: DE 317 9889 05

Bank Details (for Euro Payments):
Bank Name: HSBC Trinkaus and Burkhardt
Bank Account Number: 1/4741/003
IBAN: DE12300308800014741003


What happens if the UK leaves the EU with no deal?

Service to our European customers remains uninterrupted in any scenario.

Will my order get stuck in customs?

Almost all orders for our European customers are fulfilled through our mainland European facility. Therefore Brexit related issues will not cause our customers any hindrance. However, in the very few incidences where this is not possible, EU Automation has conducted all relevant audits and checks in relation to our customs policies and procedures, to ensure that our European customers do not face any hurdles or friction in receiving their orders on the promised delivery date.

Will ordering through EU Automation cost me more after the December Brexit deadline?

No, our customers (wherever they happen to be in the world) will not be charged anymore for delivery or any other related charge. It is business as usual.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions or concerns?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your dedicated Account Manager who will be happy to provide further details.


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