HMIs and Displays manufactured by UniOp

25 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 CP05R-04-0045 UniOp Operator Display Panel In stock
2 MD03R-04-0045 UniOp UniOp, MD03R Series, Operator Panel, Touch Screen, 24 V dc In stock
3 CP01R-04-0021 UniOp UniOp Operator Interface In stock
4 ETOP 20C-500 UniOp Uniop Interface Panel Enquire
5 ETOP 306 UniOp UniOp, UniOP Series, HMI Device Display, TFT, 4.3 in, 256, Colour, 5, RS232/RS422/RS485/EtherNet/USB, 149 mm (L) x 109 mm (H), IP65, 2 MB Enquire
6 ER-25T-0045 UniOp UniOp, ER, Touch Screen HMI Display, LCD, 9.6 in, 640 x 400 pixels Enquire
7 CP01R-04-0045 UniOp UniOp, Keypad HMI Display, 30 V dc, LCD Enquire
8 ERT-16-0045 UniOp UniOp, ERT Series, Operator panel Enquire
9 MKDL-25 UniOp UniOp Electroluminescent Operator Interface Enquire
10 KDP03A UniOp Electro-fluorecsent display with keybpad Enquire
11 ETOP50-0050 UniOp UniOp, ETOP Series, Operator Panel, 24 V Enquire
12 ETOP40B-0050 UniOp UniOp, ETOP Series, Operator panel, TFT Colour, 12.1 in, Colour, 12.1 inColour Enquire
13 ETOP40-0050 UniOp UniOp HMI Touch Screen Display, TFT, 12.1 in, 800 x 600 pixels, IP65/IP20, 64 MB (Flash Memory), 18 to 30 V dc, 337 x 267 mm Enquire
14 ETOP11-0050 UniOp UniOp, eTop, Touch Screen HMI Display, STN, 5.7 in, 320 x 240 pixels Available
15 6ZA975 EL16 UniOp UniOp, HMI Display Enquire
16 ETF-1 UniOp small hmi Enquire
17 ET0P03-0046 UniOp UniOp 3.8'' Mono Touch Terminal Enquire
18 EL16-1 UniOp UniOp, EL_xx Series, Operator Panel with Display, Serial, 320 x 240 pixels Enquire
19 EK-52 UniOp UniOp, Operator Interface Panel Enquire
20 ECT-VGA-0045 UniOp UniOp, ECT Series, Operator Panel, Touch Screen Enquire
21 ECT-VGA UniOp UniOp Operator Interface Enquire
22 CP04F-04 UniOp Operator Interface Enquire
23 CP02R-04-3244 UniOp UniOp OCME Operator Interface Enquire
24 BKDC-16T-0045 UniOp UniOp Colour Flat Panel Operator Interface Enquire
25 6ZA983-2 UniOp UniOp, 6ZA Series, RS232, Operator Panel Enquire

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