TeSys range of Schneider General Automation

273 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 XBTN410 Schneider Schneider, Small Panel With Keypad, 24 V dc, LCD In stock
2 LU9BC20 Schneider Schneider, TeSys U Series, Screw Clamp Terminal Block, for Motor Starters and Protection Component In stock
3 LUB12 Schneider Schneider, Non Reversing Power Base 230 V, 440 V, 500 V, 690 V In stock
4 LUCA05BL Schneider Schneider, LUC Series, DOL Motor Starter, 3 kW, 130 mA, 690 V ac, Plug-In Mount, 0.135 kg In stock
5 LUB32 Schneider Schneider, Non Reversing Power Base 230 V, 440 V, 500 V, 690 V, 0.9 kg In stock
6 LUCB32BL Schneider Schneider, TeSys Series, DOL Motor Starter, 18.5 kW, 220 mA @ 24 V dc, 24 V dc, Plug-In Mount In stock
7 LTMR100MFM Schneider Schneider, Motor Controller, 30 W, 62.8 mA, 50 Hz, 91 x 122.5 x 61 mm In stock
8 LUCA32BL Schneider Schneider, Control Unit For ASILUFC5 Series Module;ASILUFC51 Series Module;LUFC00 Series Module;LUFN Series Module, 24 V dc, Screw, 50/60 Hz In stock
9 LUCA1XBL Schneider STANDARD CONTROL UNIT 0,35-1,4A24VDC In stock
10 LUCAX6BL Schneider Schneider, Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 0.09 kW, 24 V dc, 130 mA In stock
11 LU9BN11L Schneider Schneider, LU9B Series, Terminal Block, 0.05 kg In stock
12 LUCA12BL Schneider Schneider, Control Unit, DOL Starter, 9 kW, 24 V dc, 130 mA, 3 Phase, Plug-In Mount, Screw In stock
13 LUCA18BL Schneider STANDARD CONTROL UNIT 4,5-18A 24VDC In stock
14 LTMCC004 Schneider Schneider, LTMC Series, Jumper Link for LTME Extension Module, 0.04 m (L) In stock
15 LTMR100PBD Schneider Controller ProfiBus 5-100A 24VDC In stock
16 LU2MB0BL Schneider Schneider, Reverser Block for DC Network, 690 V, 120 mA In stock
17 LUA1C11 Schneider Schneider, Auxiliary Contact, LUA1 Series for TeSys U Range Starter In stock
19 LULC033 Schneider Schneider, Communication Module for TeSys U, 24 V dc, 500 mA In stock
20 LUFN20 Schneider Schneider, LUF Series, Auxiliary Contact for Any Power Base, 2 Contact, 5 A In stock
22 LULC07 Schneider Schneider, PROFIBUS Communication Module, Communication, 24 V dc, 500 mA In stock
23 LTMEV40BD Schneider Schneider, Extension Module, For TeSys T LTMR Motor Controller, Extension, 24 V dc, 7 mA In stock
24 LU2BA0BL Schneider REVERSER POWER BASE W/O Conn 12A 24VDC In stock
25 LUCA12FU Schneider Schneider, TeSys Series, DOL Motor Starter, 9 kW, 280 mA @ 240 V ac, 110 to 220 V dc&110 to 240 V acPlug-In Mount, 45 x 154 mm0.135 kg In stock

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