FX PLC range of Mitsubishi PLC Systems

146 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 F1 20 MR - ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, F120MR Series, I/O Module, 12 Input, 8 Output, 110 to 120 V ac, 200 to 240 V ac In stock
2 FX-4AD Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, FX2N Series, Analogue I/O Module, 4 Input, 4 to 20 mA, 5 V dc, 24 V dc, 90 X 55 X 87 mm In stock
3 F1 12 MR - ES Mitsubishi Melsec 12 I/O Brick In stock
4 F2-40MR-ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Controller Unit In stock
5 FXON-8EX-ES/UL Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, PLC Extension Block, 8 Input, 16 Output In stock
6 F2-6A-E Mitsubishi F2 Series Analog Unit In stock
7 G1HCPU Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, CPU Module In stock
8 F1-60MR-ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi PLC Base Unit for Programmable Contoller, 110 to 120 V ac/220 to 240 V ac In stock
9 F1 40 MR - ES Mitsubishi Melsec 40 I/O Brick In stock
10 F1-20ER-ES Mitsubishi Melsec 20 I/O Extension Unit In stock
11 FX-53A Mitsubishi PC BOARD ASSEMBLY BN624A240H04 TYPE In stock
12 F-20MR-ES1 Mitsubishi Melsec F-20E Programmble Controllable In stock
13 F1 30 MR - ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi 30 Channel I/O Brick In stock
14 FX-USB-AW Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, PLC Interface Converter, FX, 45 mm Length, 21 In stock
15 F1-20P-E Mitsubishi PROGRAMMER MICRO PC/96 STANDARD In stock
17 F1 10 ER/ES Mitsubishi Melsec 10 I/O Extension Unit In stock
18 F2-40BL Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Battery, 2600 mAh, 3.6 V, 0.59 in In stock
19 F2-40ER-ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi F2-40E Expansion Module In stock
20 F-20P-E Mitsubishi PROGRAMMER FOR PLC In stock
21 FXON-60MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Programmable Controller In stock
22 F2-20P Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel In stock
23 F2-20P-E Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Communication Module, 0.31 kg In stock
24 F2-60MR-ES Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, Programmable Controller, 220/240 V ac In stock
25 FX-EEPROM-4C Mitsubishi EEPROM Memory 4k with real time clock In stock

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