General Automation manufactured by Lenze

51 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 EMB9352-E Lenze Lenze, Braking Unit, 42 A In stock
2 EMB9351-E Lenze Lenze, Brake Module, 775 V dc (Bus Voltage), 52 x 384 x 186 mm, for Inverter In stock
3 EMZ9371BB Lenze Lenze, Keypad Module In stock
4 E82ZAFSC000 Lenze Lenze, Function Module In stock
5 EMZ9374IB Lenze Lenze, Expansion Module for Digital I/O Module In stock
6 33.9215-E Lenze Lenze, Motor Power Supply, 400 to 540 V, 23 A, 50/60 Hz In stock
7 E82EV751K2B Lenze Lenze, 8200 Vector, Frequency Inverter, AC Output, 6 A, 100 to 264 V ac, 220 x 60 x 140 mm In stock
8 E82ZAFSC Lenze Lenze, 8200, Frequency Inverter Drive In stock
9 E82MV251-2B001 Lenze In stock
10 320378 Lenze In stock
11 E82EV152-4C000 Lenze Lenze, Inverter Drive, 1.5 kW, 500 V ac, 4.4 A, 50/60 Hz, Screw Mount In stock
12 33.9228-E Lenze Lenze, Servo Drive, 46 A In stock
13 ERBS047R400W Lenze Brake Resistor 470Hm 400Watt 800V In stock
14 MCS 09D41-SRMP1-A14N-ST5S00N-R0SU Lenze MCS synchronous servo motors In stock
15 33.8605E Lenze In stock
16 EMB9342E Lenze Lenze, 9300 Series, Power Supply Module, 320 to 528V ac In stock
17 EMB8253-E Lenze Lenze, 8250 Series, Brake Unit For Brake Resistors, 7.5 A, 270 to 750 V dc, 56 x 173 x 190 mm In stock
18 9215-E.2C Lenze Power supply 540V 23A In stock
19 320380 Lenze In stock
20 EZF3016A003 Lenze Power Supply RFI Filter In stock
21 33.8601SP.1B-13.001 Lenze Lenze, Servo Drive PCB for Servo Drive In stock
22 323.183.161.421 Lenze Lenze DC Speed Control Board Enquire
23 13.231.11-13.001/1 Lenze Driver board with rectifer and thiristor Enquire
24 G50BB111MVAK2C Lenze Lenze, Servo Motor Available
25 14.611.12.200 Lenze card Enquire

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