• Anti-Counterfeiting

    Overreaching Policy

    We will work tirelessly to ensure all goods and services shall only be purchased or procured through known and reputable sources from U.K., European and international manufacturers or their authorised or franchised distributors. Suppliers will be asked to warrant their product(s) and be able to provide Certificates of Conformity or alternative conformance documents as per company and/or customer requirements. .

    A list of suppliers who have repeatedly failed to show due diligence in their sourcing of goods (parts, components, etc.), and/or who have failed to react reasonably when advised of issues especially in relation to counterfeit goods will be reported to the relevant authorities and/or certified bodies.

    In cases of suspected fraudulent or counterfeit parts found at Goods Inward inspection, the parts shall be quarantined immediately. The supplier will be informed together with our reasons and supporting evidence, if available. If the issue cannot be resolved within a short period of time, or will result in a delay in delivery, then our customer will be informed. If, after all possible efforts to determine the authenticity of the parts concerned, the results are not conclusive, the parts may be forwarded to an independent ‘test facility’ or returned to the manufacturer/supplier for examination. Suppliers are obliged and encouraged to offer every assistance to the authorities or the component manufacturers appointed representative in the event of counterfeit product being discovered. They may also be asked to prove due diligence. .

    Any supplier who is subject to 2 issues of counterfeit goods delivery within a 12‐month period will be automatically removed from the approved supplier list.

    Whilst ensuring that no counterfeit goods enter our supply chain through any of our partners, EU Automation is also committed to a stringent internal quality control process. This requires each department within the business to ensure that the right protocols are met in order to validate quality of goods.


    EU Automation only uses quality checked and approved suppliers who have a proven track record of eliminating counterfeit goods from their processes. This ensures that whilst this is an industry wide issue EU Automation minimise the possibility of any counterfeit goods entering our supply chain.

    Encountering counterfeit goods

    If a counterfeit good is found during an inward inspection, our customer support team will inform the customer immediately and a plan of action will be decided upon to get the order completed as per the customers’ requirements. At EU Automation we believe in complete transparency and honesty with our customers, so if any issues arise during the completion of their order, we will provide them with timely updates and any adjustments that need to be made will be fully communicated.

    In the unlikely situation that our internal processes fail to detect a counterfeit part and the goods reach the customer. The customer is advised to contact their dedicated customer support executive, following which immediate action will be taken to rectify the situation. At this point we may request for the goods to be sent back to us, allowing us to inspect the part(s) and to launch a full investigation into why the goods bypassed our internal inspections. Helping us to improve our internal processes.

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