Hero Colours

Our colour palette has had a bit of a shake up and we’ve assigned a hero colour to match our new and powerful brand.


HEX #202E3F

RGB 32, 46, 63

Imperial is a supreme navy blue is in keeping with the efficient and masculine industry. It’s authoritative and commanding with connotations of heritage, prosperity and loyalty.

To sit alongside this colour we have an accent colour. The purpose of this is to add a contrast, a flash of liveliness, and to bright the words, graphics and photography to life.


HEX #E4185A

RGB 228, 24, 90

The new accent colour is a shade between vibrant fuchsia and macho red. Coral suggests exotic scenery, modern and fresh thinking and puts the new brand on a level with more open-minded brands like Virgin using purple and Airbnb using a peachy orange

Accent Colours

Introducing two optional colours to sit in place of Coral allowing our brand to be more adaptable and dynamic. The two colours represent our global reach at EU Automation. The accent colours are not to sit along side each other, only with Imperial or with white.



RGB 255, 193, 14

An outlandish yellow orange. The canary is a small wild bird that flies long distances, similarly to the parcels EU Automation send through the sky.


HEX #77BF43

RGB 119, 191, 67

A yellow-toned tropical green. Emeralds exude quality and excellence, both of which EU Automation offer in their fantastic service.

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