Beond Symbol

Beond Symbol

The Beond is the shorthand icon for our brand. Although the full logo is our official signature, a Beond is a shorter sign-off, much like someone’s initials.

Arrows are a positive symbol for choice, change and movement. Arrows encompass all of the brand values instilled in the EU Automation team of innovation, ambition, helpfulness and to be human. The name ‘Beond’ showcases our passion to always go beyond the call of duty.

The Beond is made up of lots of smaller circles. This is because we didn’t want to show an arrow as one big block shape, but instead, showcase the visualisation of lots of components coming together to form a bigger picture. These separate circles represent all the members of our fantastic team here in Staffordshire, and even signify the many hundreds of thousands of parts and parcels we’ve managed to source from across the world to provide a solution.

Significant consideration went into choosing the amount of circles that ensured a Beond is recognisable in both small and large format. 22 circles was the perfect number to guarantee legibility in all sizes

Logo Usage

Our logo is the symbol of our brand and we have clearly defined guidelines to make sure it’s always looking it’s best.

We’ve set a minimum size for usage to ensure legibility and the circles of the Beond are always clear and crisp.

Breathing space is always an important consideration. Our logo should always have clear surrounding space to showcase it. There are set perimeters where no other element should intrude. Ideally, the logo should always have as much free space as possible around it.

Colourways have been paired up to ensure brand consistency and legibility across the logo application. The Beond shows up best in an accent colour (options are highlighted on pages 50 - 52). Primarily it will be shown in

Coral but Canary and Emerald are also viable options. The wordmark is well-defined in either white on dark background and Imperial on lighter backgrounds.

When working with a partner and we need to co-brand our communications, we want both our brands to be showcased as best as possible. Align the logos either through the logo baseline or the bottom of the capital ‘EU’, whichever is balanced best. The logos should be of equal size in amount of pixels rather than specific height and width, so both logos have equal visual impact.

Logo Misuse

It is important that the logo is presented correctly in all instances. It is our signature to the world and should be carefully considered when resizing, placing with artwork and recolouring to suit different situations. We have outlined some poor practices of logo use which should be avoided.

We deliver more.

Strapline & how it works

Just do it.
Because I’m worth it.
Vorsprung durch technic.

Every established and respected brand has a strapline that encompasses what they do down to a tee, whether it is a metaphor, or a more direct approach to their values, they all have one. So we thought we should create one too to show off our values and offering referencing our mission statement to always deliver whether it’s parts, service or speed.

We deliver more.

EU Automation deliver more. Whether it is in terms of more parts, more exceptional serviceor more experience. We go further than the competition to deliver. More.

Whilst it doesn’t have to be used alongside the logo in all instances, it should be shown where appropriate in presentations, print collateral and in digital media and communications.

Our key messages

Whether it’s over the phone, or via our marketing channels, these are the things that should always be proudly clearly communicated to our customers.

We deliver more service.

We are helpful, friendly and we always go above and beyond. We’re human beings, not robots and our customers like chatting to us. Our customers are in this for a long-term partnership and this comes down to building trust through having the best service in the industry.

We deliver more parts.

We strive to constantly innovate and improve the world of automation parts supply. We connect people with parts no matter where they are in the world or how hard parts are to find. We have the greatest reach and connect people with parts when they need them all over the world.

We deliver more speed.

Our customers trust us because we always deliver as quickly as possible and we always manage expectations to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter where the part is in the world, we always find a way to get machines up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

We deliver more knowledge.

We are thought leaders in the world of automation manufacturing and drive conversation globally. In fact, we recently invented the term Eco Obsolete Technology (EOT) to increase industry usage of energy efficient obsolete parts. However, we aren’t tech geeks. No matter how complex theinformation, we make it simple for our customers to understand and utilise.

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