Twido range of Schneider PLC Systems

49 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 TWDLMDA20DRT Schneider Schneider, 24 V, Modular Base Controller, RS232C, RS485 In stock
2 TWDXCPODM Schneider Schneider, Display Module For Twido PLC, 51.9 x 71 x 94.5 mm In stock
3 TWDLCDA10DRF Schneider Schneider, Twido Series, PLC Controller, 24 V dc, 90 x 70 x 95 mm In stock
4 TWDXCARJP03P Schneider Modbus programing protocol cable, RJ45-Mini Din, 0.3M, In stock
5 TWDLCDA24DRF Schneider Schneider, In stock
6 TWDNOI10M3 Schneider Schneider Interface Module 248 I/O 186 O/P Analogue Analogue Enquire
7 TWDNAC485T Schneider Schneider, Serial Interface Adaptor 12 V ac Enquire
8 TWDNOZ232D Schneider Schneider, Programmable Controller Enquire
9 TWDNOZ485D Schneider Schneider, Twido Series, Interface Module, 5 V dc, 94.5 x 36.4 x 70 mm Enquire
10 TWDNOZ485T Schneider Schneider, Enquire
11 TWDXCA2A10M Schneider Analog Voltage Input cable, 1M. Enquire
12 TWDXCAFJ010 Schneider Modbus Cable, RJ45-Free wires, 1M Enquire
13 TWDXCAMD030 Schneider Cable MINI - DIN to subD 9M 3meters Enquire
14 TWDXCARJ003 Schneider Modbus Cable, RJ45-Mini Din, 0.3M Enquire
15 TWDXCARJ010 Schneider Modbus Cable, RJ45-Mini Din, 1M Enquire
16 TWDXCARJ030 Schneider Modbus Cable, RJ45-Mini Din, 3M Enquire
17 TWDXCARJP03 Schneider Modbus connection cable, RJ45-Mini Din, 0.3M, Enquire
18 TWDXCAXBTN010 Schneider Adaptor cable from Twido Modular controllers to XBTZ978 cable. Enquire
19 TWDXCPRTC Schneider Schneider, Programmable Controller Enquire
20 TWDXDPPAK6M Schneider Schneider, Multi-Language Software, DVD-ROM Enquire
21 TWDXMT5 Schneider Panel mounting kit for Modular controllers or extensions. (Pack of 5) Enquire
22 TWDXMTCT Schneider Crimping tool Enquire
23 TWDXMTK4 Schneider Fixing Kit Available
24 TWDXSM14 Schneider 14 switch simulator for TWDLCAA24DRF Enquire
25 TWDXSM6 Schneider 6 switch simulator for TWDLCAA10DRF Enquire

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