General Automation manufactured by Eurotherm

34 parts found

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
1 6055-L-00 Eurotherm Eurotherm Servo Drive In stock
2 605/007/400/3/F/0010/UK/000 Eurotherm Eurotherm, Drive, 3 Phase, 0.75 kW In stock
3 64990/2 Eurotherm Eurotherm TCS Power Supply In stock
4 5180V Eurotherm Eurotherm, Data Recorder, TFT, 3.5 in, 320 x 240 pixels, 85 to 265 mm In stock
5 TE200A 40A/400V/000/4MA20/FC/DIN/ENG/-/NO-FUSE/-/ Eurotherm In stock
6 TE200A 25A/400V/000/4MA20/FC/DIN/ENG/-/-//00 Eurotherm In stock
7 2408 Eurotherm Eurotherm, 2400 Series, Programmer Controller, PID, 24 V dc, 48 x 150 x 96 mm In stock
9 2216E/CC/VH/XX/XX/RF/2XX/ENG Eurotherm Temperature Controller/Programmer NIB with manual 4-20ma process output control suitable for burner control and steam heating aplications In stock
10 6100A Eurotherm Eurotherm, Data Recorder, Current/Millivolt/Resistance/Voltage, 10 V, 20 mA, IP66 In stock
11 2108I , TYPE J , 0-150 Eurotherm Available
12 PSS8807 Eurotherm Eurotherm 3 Phase High Voltage PCB Enquire
13 TE10S Eurotherm Eurotherm, Solid State Relay, 25 A, 480 V, Screw Mount Enquire
14 TE10P 400A/400V/AUTO/230V/4MA20/SPOT/PA/NRP/NR//-/-//-/-/FRA/-//00 Eurotherm Single phase true power controller Enquire
15 7300A 25A/400V/SELF Eurotherm Eurotherm, Power Controller, Thyristor, 400 V, Thyristor, IP20, DIN Rail Mount, 96 x 239 x 220 mm Available
16 AH464162U002 Eurotherm Comms Card from Eurotherm Inverter Enquire
17 690PB/0015/400/3/F/0011/UK/HTTL/0/0/0/0 Eurotherm Enquire
18 902S/IS/HDV////VH/XS///LFIT/HAC////XA///90/473/K/0 Eurotherm Enquire
19 PC3000 Eurotherm Eurotherm, Extruder System Available
20 020989 Eurotherm Eurotherm 818 Microprocessor Board Enquire
21 AH385621U001 Eurotherm Drive Control Card Enquire
22 AH347423U1 Eurotherm Eurotherm/ SSD Drive PCB Enquire
23 AH171892 Eurotherm Eurotherm PCB Enquire
24 AH055050U003 Eurotherm Eurotherm 570 DC Drive PSU card Enquire
25 AH047423U002 Eurotherm Main Control Board For SSD 545 & 547 DC Thyristor Drive Enquire

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