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Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
76 EL9189 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Distribution Terminal Module, 16 Input, ≤10 A, ±60 V dc In stock
77 KL2012 (PU10) Beckhoff In stock
78 KL1002 (PU10) Beckhoff In stock
79 IP2302-B310 Beckhoff In stock
80 EL3702 Beckhoff In stock
81 EL3202 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Analogue Input Module, 0.5 mA, 15 x 70 x 100 mm In stock
82 EL6022 Beckhoff In stock
83 EK1101 Beckhoff Beckhoff, EtherNet Switch, 24 V dc, 70 mA, 44 x 68 x 100 mm In stock
84 EL2262 Beckhoff In stock
85 EL9200 Beckhoff In stock
86 BK 3010 Beckhoff Beckhoff, BK Series, EtherNet Switch Port Terminal, D-Sub Connector, 1.5 MBaud In stock
87 KL9400 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Power Supply Unit for K-Bus Module, 24 V dc, 5 V dc, 2 A In stock
88 EL3152 Beckhoff Beckhoff, EL Series, Analogue Input Terminal, 2 Input, 170 mA (Typ.), 30 V dc In stock
89 KL2612 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Digital Output Module, 125 V ac/30 V dc In stock
90 EL3162 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Analogue Input Module, 10 V, 170 mA, 15 x 70 x 100 mm In stock
91 ES2008-0000 Beckhoff In stock
92 EL5152 Beckhoff Beckhoff, EtherCAT Terminal, 24 V dc, 100 mA In stock
93 KL3122-0000 Beckhoff In stock
94 IE1001-0000 Beckhoff In stock
95 KL9180 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Bus Terminal Controller, 230 V ac, 10 A, 12 mm In stock
96 KL4001 Beckhoff Beckhoff, Analogue Output Module, 1 Output, 0 to 10 V In stock
97 KL2184 Beckhoff In stock
98 EL6001 Beckhoff Beckhoff, EL6001 Series, Serial interface, 120 mA In stock
99 EL3142 Beckhoff In stock
100 EL6070 Beckhoff In stock

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