Allen Bradley

168561 parts found, limited to 5000

Part number Manufacturer Description Stock
176 1794-ACN15 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Controlnet I/O Adapter Module, 24 V dc In stock
177 1746-A13 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, SLC 500 Series, Chassis, for SLC 5/05 Processor, 13 Slot In stock
178 1746-OB32 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Sourcing DC Output Module, 32 Outputs In stock
179 1756-A10 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, ControlLogix Series, Chassis, for Communication Modules, 10 Slot In stock
180 2711-K6C1 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Keypad Terminal, Scanner, PLC, SLC or Logix Controller, 264 V ac, TFT In stock
181 1771-ODD Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, AC Output Module, AC Output, 420 mA, 8 A, 85 to 138 V ac In stock
182 74102-343-51 Allen Bradley In stock
183 1485ACAD Allen Bradley Devicenet Media Kwiklink Accessory Conduit Adaptor Pg21 In stock
184 1734TBS Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, 1734 Series, Terminal Base Unit, for POINT I/O Module, 10 A, 240 V ac In stock
185 1770XYC Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Lithium BatteryFor PLC-5/11;PLC-5/20;PLC-5/30;PLC-5/40;PLC-5/60 Series Programmable Logic Controllers and Industrial Computer In stock
186 1794-IF4I Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Analogue Input Module, 4 inputs In stock
187 1794 ASB Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Remote I/O Adapter Module 8 I/O 8 O/P Voltage Voltage In stock
188 1747-ASB Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Remote I/O Adapter Module In stock
189 1747-SDN Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Devicenet Scanner Module In stock
190 1756OF4 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Analogue Output Module, 4 Outputs In stock
191 100-A30NZ243 Allen Bradley In stock
192 1203-GD1 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Communication Module In stock
193 1771-OFE2 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Analogue Output Module, 4 Outputs In stock
194 1492-SP1C060 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Supplementary Protector, 1 Pole, 6 A, 277 V ac, 10 kA, Thermal-Magnetic, 80 x 17.5 x 75 mm In stock
195 700-HB33Z24-4 Allen Bradley In stock
196 1786-BNC/B Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, BNC Plug 5 V dc, 1.6 A, 23 in In stock
197 1489-A1C130 Allen Bradley In stock
198 100-FSC280 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Surge Suppressor In stock
199 800T-A2D1 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley, Non-Illuminated Push Button Switch, 800T Series, Flush Head, Black, Round In stock
200 1492-SP3C160 Allen Bradley In stock

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