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EU Automation's latest publication on 4.0 Sight charts the digital journey for manufacturing industries in various countries around the world, looking at the key trends and challenges.

4sight - a look at digital industry around the world
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Why a book on 4.0 sight?

It's not easy being a manufacturer in today's world. Consumer tastes are changing, product lifecycles are getting shorter and there are now more technologies than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and if you don't digitalise immediately, you'll be left dead in the water. No wonder, then, that so many businesses are scrabbling to use industrial digital technologies such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, remote monitoring and cloud analytics.

What's Inside


From Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0


A modern revolution is born


The latest trends in automation

Interview with Neil Mead from Automation Magazine


The home of the industrial Revolution gets productive


A pan-EU tour of Europe


The smart revolution

Inverview with Steve Ward from GE


The big nine digital technologies


A Swedish success story


Going from a crisis to a competition


My taste buds are tingling

Interview with Todd Gilliam from ABB


Going beyond industry with society 5.0

Interview with Nigel Smith from Toshiba Magazine


The rise of China


The workforce of the future

Interview with Beyang Arrey from


Using obsolescence to your advantage


Future foresight

Interview with Jon Wilkins from EU Automation

In-depth Interviews

Beyang Arrey

You don't really get taught about what engineering is at school. People thought it was what mechanics did when they fix cars.

Laura Brown Renishaw
Tobias Antius

In this new era, businesses will either stagnate and die, or embrace and thrive

Tobias Antius Novotek
Neil Mead

Digital twinning is a technology that I have seen in action making a real difference to the design and manufacturing process.

Neil Mead Automation Magazine
Steve Ward

The revolutionary changes we've seen in control systems in the last few years have been made possible because of the changes to standard computers.

Steve Ward GE