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European Automation offers a comprehensive supply and repair service for PLC systems, Servo Drives, HMIs, Displays, Motors, CNC Machine Tool Systems and Robots, comprising all of the major manufacturers

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European Automation specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the globe.

Oil & GasOil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Rigorous environmental regulations and mounting energy prices are two of the most intimidating challenges ...

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Life SciencesLife Sciences

Life Sciences

Quality control has always been a major issue in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, increasing ...

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The diversity of the food and beverage industry can be daunting at times. A successful company has to offer its customers a variety of choices, while following food safety and quality guidelines. Diversity ...

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Plastics & Packaging

Plastics & Packaging

Reconciling affordable production with high production costs, strict environmental standards and innovative, high quality products and solutions is never an easy task. Manufacturing efficiency is also ...

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Aerospace & AutomotiveAerospace & Automotive

Aerospace & Automotive

In recent years, the traditionally thriving automotive and aerospace industries have been influenced ...

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Obsolescence: Looking to the Future Business

Obsolescence: Looking to the Future

July 07, 2015

In an exclusive interview, we talk to Stuart Kelly, president of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) about how obsolescence can be effectively managed in different industry sectors. Read more

Golden opportunities: The UK view Automation

Golden opportunities: The UK view

June 29, 2015

There is a golden opportunity for your business to be a serious contender in an emerging and fast-growing, innovative, global industry. Or, to be more precise, six industries. Read more

Not your regular radio top ten Business

Not your regular radio top ten

June 23, 2015

European Automation has created a handy bitesize guide for using radio frequency identification (RFID) in a manufacturing environment. Read more

Ditch the upgrade Automation

Ditch the upgrade

June 15, 2015

With most industries if a part breaks down in an automated system it causes manageable process problems. But in some areas of industry, a broken part can be a serious problem. Read more